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RCRW chapter meeting/ workshop
10:00 a.m. at Portland Community College – Sylvania Campus, room HT 123

How to Keep Yourself Healthy: Reducing the chance of repetitive strain injury and what to do if you’re injured.

Long time chiropractor, Gail Karvonen, D.C. and chiropractic assistant/massage therapist Cydney Wilkes, LMT, will be presenting this workshop. If time allows, Denice Gordon will also share some of the tips she has learned along the way in her office management career, to stay free from injury. Along with being available to answer questions about the chiropractic profession in general, they will be focusing on: learning the importance of an ergonomic workstation and how to set one up; stretching exercises for the upper back, arms, wrists and hands; how to keep working even if you are injured; how chiropractic treatment and massage therapy can speed the healing process; and examples of new, cutting edge workstation equipment, (including keyboards and new types of mice), and where to find them.


Mistresses, Queens and Witches – Writing Historical Romance
free online seminar at Coffee Time Romance with two RCRW authors

A week with three historical romance writers; Lyn Armstrong (The Last Celtic Witch, The Celtic Witch & The Sorcerer, Heart of a Warlock), Delilah Marvelle (Mistress of Pleasure), and Minnette Meador (The Centurion & The Queen, The Edge of Honor), plus other writers who will share their experience. Everything you wanted to know about historicals, but were afraid to ask.

  • How to make research fun & fast
  • Creating Worlds, Both Historical & Fantasy: Are horses faster than unicorns?
  • Tips and Tricks on Writing Historical Romance
  • Making history come alive on the page: How to make your reader’s heart race!
  • Historical Hunks & Kick-Ass Heroines: Characterization in Historicals
  • Sex Through the Centuries: Making ancient love sizzle


Latest Trends in Young Adult Fiction workshop
Wordstock Portland, OR
Sunday, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Teri Brown

What is fresh and hot in young adult literature beyond Harry Potter? This workshop will discuss the latest trends and how to break into the YA market. You’ll also touch upon voice, dialogue, and research, as well as investigate which agents are actively looking for young adult authors.

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