WARNING: Family In Need of Cat!

Everyone knows a writer must have a cat. Even Hemingway did. He had his multi-toed kitty when he lived in Key West. And now the entire area is populated with polydactyl kitties which are known as- you guessed it- Hemingways.

After old Shadow died at age 19 in May, we kind of had a hard time thinking about another cat. Jinx has done her best to take care of all three of us, but it’s pretty clear she needs another cat. Even though she and Shadow never got along, yet!

Let’s face it, there’s an empty place in the household. Shadow, like the ones we’ve lost before, will never be forgotten, but the empty spot needs filling. Usually, though, when we are n need of a cat, the cat finds us. But it hasn’t happened this time. And so we’ve started looking. Amazing how helpful the internet is, even for kitty searches.

The hard part is, we’re particular. We can’t afford a special needs kitty, and we’re not up to losing another kitty anytime soon if we can help it, so a senior kitty isn’t a good idea either. Can’t do de-clawed kitties or others that have to be kept in because Jinx is used to going and coming during the day. Any kitty must get along well with other cats, not be too shy or too aggressive, and since Jinx will likely be a little jealous, it must stand up for itself.

Oh, and with lovely indoor manners too, please.

And we’d like to not have a black cat this time, just because we’ve had so many in the last ten years or so. And my son gets the final choice because ultimately it’s his kitty. Although we’ve discovered it’s really the cats who make that particular choice. And we like them active, funny, talkative. Loving, affectionate, alert, loving, affectionate, loving, affectionate…

Lap cats. Computer cats. Cats that chase laser dots. But please, we’d like to not be gifted with any more birds, mice or baby snakes…


WARNING: Family In Need of Cat! — 5 Comments

  1. Looks like we’ve been hired by a very gentlemanly mixed tabby who is mostly brown and beige, with pale blue eyes. His name is now Frankie. We went all the way to St. Helens to see a beautiful long-haired red-tipped white cat named Felicity who wasn’t there. And my son fell in love with Frankie instead. Well, soon we all did. Except Jinx, but she’s coming around, thanks to Frankie’s gentle manners.

  2. Well every writer needs a pet. A muse to bounce ideas off of. I can’t have a cat because I have guinea pets. (see my blog for guinea pig babies).

    But I admit the cats are adorable and I regret that I can only have one kind of pet in the household. Growing up my pet was a gray kitten/cat named Princess who curled up in my bed while I wrote my teenage angst short stories. Cats are great soul mates.

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