What Floats My Skirts

Posted by: Susan Lute
Currently working on: Revising a beloved contemporary romance and brand new writing on a single title romance.
Mood: optimistic

This month our topic is…What makes us go hmmm… Here’s my list.

* a brand new baby still wearing birth

* the first flower that arrives even before winter is over

* discovering something new…and nice about myself

* when I’m at the hardest part of writing a novel and I look at my notebook to see all these
colored tabs sticking out.

* when I write The End

* When I send the finished novel to an editor and hope abounds

* When I take a picture and it tells a story.


What Floats My Skirts — 7 Comments

  1. Hello, Su!

    I so much enjoy seeing the different perspectives we all have on our monthly topic. December’s topic promises to be an interesting one!

    Nice list and photo. Love to hear your optimistic voice!

  2. Hi Ladies…

    Just home from a two day stint at the day job 🙂

    Genene and Minnette, that photo…I love it too. It says a lot, doesn’t it? Spiderwebs like life, can go on forever.

    Jessa, I don’t have a dog to walk, but I love taking myself for a walk. Don’t you discover the most beautiful things as a pedestrian?

    Jenna, that first serious howl is what makes me grin from ear to ear.

  3. Beautiful, Su. I love walking too, especially after a rain. Everything smells so distinct after a rain–each tree with its own scent, each flower begs to be inhaled, and even concrete, and new cut wood, and grass adds to the mixture.

  4. Maggie,

    My favorite walk is in Portland, from First Street up to Washington Gardens. The route I used to take winds up through some lovely neighborhoods. I love the houses, architecture and landscaping. In the spring and summer is the best time 🙂

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